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We Give Thanks to Wonderful People!
This website is dedicated to Malcolm Dutterer, Jr. Malcolm A. Dutterer, Jr.

While there are many people to thank for the love we have for Samoyeds, and the joy and enthusiasm that comes  with it, it started with one day in the late 1970's. My dad brought home a Samoyed puppy.  The profound series of blessings that single act has enacted, can not be explained in words. 

On September 10, 2008, my father, Malcolm A. Dutterer, Jr., peacefully, quickly and unexpectedly passed on. This website is dedicated to his kindness.

My dad raised and said "Goodbye....for now!" to 4 Samoyeds in his life, but he was also a caretaker to mine anytime I needed him. Dad embraced a broad definition of "beauty" and Samoyeds became a focal point of that definition. He was a true ambassador for the breed and friend to any who agreed with him.  He loved Samoyeds more than most of us are capable of loving anything in this world.  The deep, sincere, sweet, enthusiastic and passionate way he expressed his respect for all of Gods' creatures, was an unlike most. 

Dad inspired anyone who knew him to reach beyond what we thought were their  limitations. He believed that all honorable things were possible with hard work and determination.  His mission was to share his joy with others, and to inspire them to join in with him as he expressed his. His goal was to leave this world, having experienced all of its beautiful things. In many ways, those of us who are left with many memories could say that Dad achieved his goal.    

I will always see a little of Dad in every act of kindness or courage, and every Sammy smile.

Some of the other wonderful people who have made SnowAngels Samoyeds possible 

Dr. E. C. Fulcher, Jr and my Truth House family for their guidance, inspiration, care, and affirmation!

Chris celebrates a double win with Easter and Halo

, whose support and willingness to wake up with a wet nose on his arm, and live with white fur on his clothes, has made it possible for me to live and love in a whole new way. He makes it possible for Flurry, Halo and East to have an Alpha Male. And...he's made it possible to show Easter and Halo at the same time. He's absolutely the best Sammy-daddy on the planet. 

Mom and DadMy Mom, Lisl has helped to make Samoyeds a central and valued part of my life. 
Along with Dad, Mom has been a loving guardian of many Sammies over the years.  

Marge GoodenoughMentors and friends Marge Goodenough (Cotn’ Pic’n Samoyeds), Lynette Blue (Polar Mist Kennelswithout whom, I would not have Sarah or Flurry.  And without whom, I would not have had the confidence to enter the show ring. Thank you Marge and Lynette!!!!!!  



Patty McCallumMentor and friend
 Patty McCallum
(McMagic Samoyeds), without whom, I would not have Halo and the joy that he brings, or the confidence to move to the level of showing a champion Sammy myself!  Thank you Patty!!!!!






  Patty, Lois and AmyFriends and mentors Amy Kiell-Green (Pebbles Run Samoyeds)Chris and Morgan Miller (Winter Magic Samoyeds), Janice Hovelman (Sanorka Samoyeds), Lois Osmundsen (Mystic Oz Samoyeds), and many other Sammy owners who have offered encouragement and been role models for Samoyed caretaking and good sportsmanship.


George AlstonGeorge Alston who taught me much more than just how to handle my dog. He taught me how to objectively relate to my Samoyeds and the competitive world of showing dogs.

Professional handlers Barbara WaldkirchBarb Waldkirch  and her team -and many client-friends for great 
friendship, knowledge and encouragement, fun and winning.... including Sarah and Flurry’s first conformation points, Sarah's Specialty win in Middleburg VA, and many fun wins in between.   

Cathy Shott

Professional handler and Sammy specialist Cathy Schott for her amazing work to put the final points on Sarah and Flurry in one weekend, and Flurry’s 1st place win at the 2007 National Samoyed Specialty.  

BJ and HarmonyThe 
Collins, Estes, Fisch, Hammil, Harmon, 
Johnson, Lobo, Martin, Osbourne and Pachuska families for providing such wonderful homes for Flurry/Halo puppies and becoming wonderful new friends

John Seabrook of Dogs Gone Wild who makes sure we have the best raw food and treats to feed our furballs.

Roy, whose support of my passion for Samoyeds, helped to make the early days of SnowAngels Samoyeds a possibility. 

All of the judges who have made the showing experience fun and rewarding.


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